Research Proposal: How Robots can make us Vegetarians


How humans define consciousness and how our advancements in technology are redefining and creating new perspectives on self-awareness while also reshaping older ones we considered to be true. The initial aspect of this research will be a focus on modern perspectives on consciousness and self-awareness. Then focusing on the implications of an awareness created by humans, the morality, public opinions, and human implications of how it redefines current definitions. Afterwards, moving on to animal consciousness and the human parallels between both. Then bringing up the older conversation of racial discrimination and how the reactions to animal/robotic/other forms of life are in fact the same situation as before but with a new skin. Bringing these 3 focuses avenues (animal, robotic, racial/gender perception) and discussing the underlying flaws of how humans define themselves and try to achieve a better definition of consciousness and self-awareness. Finally leading readers into the realization of how these barriers that were broken before, changed human society forever. Discussing the implications of how this new perspective of consciousness may alter the fabric of society in similarly drastic and hopefully positive ways. Including a hypothetical future where of how these new perspectives could pan out.

Probable Sources to be used:

  • McFarland, David. 2008. Guilty robots, happy dogs: the question of alien minds. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Rowlands, Mark. 2001. The nature of consciousness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Ford, Martin. 2015. Rise of the robots: technology and the threat of a jobless future.
  • Singer, Peter. 1985. In defense of animals. New York, NY, USA: Blackwell.
  • Singer, Peter. 1979. Practical ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

*Block, Ned Joel, Owen J. Flanagan, and Güven Güzeldere. 1997. The nature of consciousness: philosophical debates. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. *

(Haven’t gotten the chance to look this one but I have it checked out and will be comparing this one with the other book I have looked into about consciousness and see if there is overlap/differences)


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