Research Proposal: The Authority of Music

Studies show that music can cause involuntary emotions and reactions. Our brains are hardwired to communicate with our body while we listen to music. These affects are commonly subconscious and can be either negative or positive. Throughout history we can see the affects music has had on communities and counties. From ceremonies and festivals to the Nazi era music has been implemented as a powerful piece of persuasion being used for both good and/or bad.

Music, Power, and Politics offers a series of essays from authors all around the world, giving diverse points of view. These essays claim not how music itself is used to persuade, but rather how it has been put to use, as well as the many treatments in which it can be executed. Since most of us realize the power music has, do we believe the use of music against our subconscious is fair and just? History has given us many examples to show how music can be used as a successful form of propaganda. I hope to dig deep into the psychology of music and how it is being used within the modern day world. I propose that music is used against us in more ways than we have realized. Through researching how the brain and music work together along with a look at corporate commercials, and political campaigns I expect to discover how music has subconsciously sculpted the United States.


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