Research Proposal: Economic Inequality and Hegemonic Influence

Final Project Research Proposal


For my final project, I propose conducting further research on economic inequality and hegemonic influence. For my Chapter One blog post I briefly discussed the roles of Japan and developing countries, however I propose further in-depth research on a wider scale (countries, impacts, etc.) without relation to the novel.


Beginning with the sources included in my Works Cited page I anticipate to begin answering questions and confirming/refuting my hypothesis. These sources also contain bibliographies I can use to get closer to my specific topic.

Zeroing In

How do superpowers or developed nations impact developing countries on micro and macro economic scales? Potential factors to discuss include: imports/exports (recyclables, goods, trade agreements etc.), employment rates and types of occupations (with explanations of trends/correlations), and overall influence (customs, ideals, and trends). What are the essential functions of the modern economy and how do they shape foreign policy?


I hope to find concrete results of studies that explain how developed nations have such a profound impact on third-world countries (and visa-versa). I hypothesize superpowers influence culture of other countries through mass media in ways that are not necessarily directly beneficial or in the developing countries’ best interests. I hypothesize the economies of every country play an important role in ensuring the global wealth of our nations (i.e. without a particular country, the world economy could suffer).

Works Cited

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