Research Proposal: The Psychology of Decision Making

After primarily focusing on psychology for a majority of my papers thus far I have come to the conclusion that the topic of “decision making” fits well with my interests and prior research. More specifically I plan to look into:

  • How memories and neurological loops within the brain influence decision making.
  • How mental models and working memory can cause incorrect or ill-devised decisions.
  • Why social forces influence individual decision making. (How groupthink works)
  • Why theories like “collective memory” and “groupthink” seem to be interdependent.

In general I plan to see how previously researched topics like how memories are stored in the brain and how mental models shape awareness can factor into decision making theories. I also want to explore previously abandoned thoughts from previous papers, like how mental models contribute to biases, which I originally sacrificed for brevity. From there I will see how predominant theories of decision making agree with or refute each other and the previous research topics.

Through this research I hope to uncover the core physical and neurological processes of the brain that influence human decisions. I expect that there won’t be any silver bullet answer but I do predict that there will be a few theories that integrate well with previous concepts and extend them to explain decision making.

– Michael Pedersen


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